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Versuri Shed a tear
- Shawn Mullins

Here I am
and once again I've come this far
for everywhere you go
you never know
you're right there where you are
I thought by now
you'd surely shoot a different line
your tracks still on my back
but I'm feeling fine.
You're not the angel you make out to be
the road you think you're on
it blinds you tell me can you see
and did you ever make it clear for me
fear for me
did you shead a tear for me?.

I see you
and hear the things you say you are
I see thru
we all do
but it's gotten you this far
what you do
and what you say

and what you feel
is meaningless until
we all allow it to be real
You're running reckless
rampant around in rage
you keep yourself so high
your feet never touch the stage
and do you ever stop to think
about the mess you've made
or do you wait until
you find a war wage.

There you are
and once again
you'll never know where you are
you're never far from where you're gonna go
you know I thought by now
you'd stumble on to better things,
The thing is now
I don't know why you don't know what it means.