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Versuri My ship (2 choices)
- Shawn Mullins

My ship up here is sinkin'
but this is what I am
and I'd tell you what I'm thinkin'
if I thought you'd give a damn
and I don't know a single one of you
but you feel like a winter's rain
tell me would listen to the words I speak
if I knew you all by name
it's niether here nor there
cause I still wake up in my hotel room
with this smokey barroom in my clothes and hair
every night is different
every night's the same
ain't if funny how each of us
has his own way to kill the pain
makes me think of my friend Jimmy
who never could behave
he bought a Gator skateboard
with the money that he saved
he rode that 4 wheeled sufrin' board around
till he was old enough to shave
then it was replaced by a '69 LaSabre
he'd putter off to schol
as fast as that thing would get

and all the kids would say
here comes Jimmy in that beat up piece of s***t
he used to take up 2 whole spaces
in the senior parking lot
yea now Jimmy's doin' seven years
for stickin' up a subway sandwhich shop
so crawl beneath your words
say whats on your mind
tell it like it is
don't get stuck behind
cause its the truth you know,
that gets you by
it's not who or what you know,
it's why
so straddle that old fencepost
and fade it down to nothing
and you'll see
you might see
that my ship up here is sinkin'
but this is what I am
and I'd tell you waht I'm thinkin'
if I thought you gave a damn
so take this in or don't
I don't really care
you will or you won't
2 choices in the air..