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Nah! - versuri Shania Twain |
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Versuri Shania Twain - Nah!

I thought I might begin by fillin' you in
in case you didn't already know
I'll never forget how you got up and left
In fact it was downright pretty low
There ain't no way I wanna,
you know I ain't gonna
Take you back, so don't even try
You can beg, you can plead
you can sweat, you can bleed
Too bad I could care if you cry

That's it! (That's all!) We had fun!
(We had a ball!)
It was good while it lasted
but now I'm past it
(It was sure!) It was sweet!
Sure you swept me off my feet
I miss you now and then,
but would I do it all again - Nah

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