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Versuri Shotta
- Shadowbox feat Chimie

trimise de EdymcEdymc.

welcome to my bitch slapping fools pijama party
audio slaves brought no pills for the cardios
dolly, lama, heavily body armored
heavenly karma, come fight this army
we need no drama cause we hate scenarios
cocky like a rap beef, banging the hotties, no
sloppy work, comma, stop fronting
m*********s walk around in their pantyhose
we're cracking up, laughing, punch lines like calicos
my words are my bullets cause i got no shotty
nobody moves, nobody gets bruised up

back up, shorty, mind your lollypop, its super
my balls are salty, might need some pepper
rappers are eager to eat me up with their p***y records
fake like pop with a black metal makeup
bow to me like islam to mekka.

E Cu satra!
Sta geana pe geanta mea mare de bani! PRaaa!
Sare sare de baie pe nas e mare necaz la baieti
Intra la patru pereti!
Sar! Intr-un Benz negru sau parca
Era un Volkswagen sau nu stiu ce marca!
Defilam pilaf filat
Allah m-a protejat deja
Era jaleJeane o Doamne Doamne!
Unii au luat-o pe scurtatura
Altii au luat-o pe aratura!
Unii fac o paine dintr-o cantare
Altii de mancare din aia de-o pui pe cantare.
Il stiu pe unu' care spune minciuni
Ca el nu pune tutun, nici deala brun deala bun!
Adica pull the trigger boom!
Legende pe album
Nu vreau sa ma intorc
Drum lung drum lung drum bun!