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Versuri This frog
- Sesame Street

This frog has to go his own way
This frog doesn't care what the other frogs say
This frog wants to be happy, and this frog has to try
This frog is gonna make it or know the reason why
I'm not gonna sit here like some dumb old bump on a log
That isn't me!
I'm gonna be this frog!.

This frog has a song to be sung
This frog isn't gonna spend his life in a swamp, catchin flies with his tongue

This frog may slip and stumble, but this frog tries again
This frog never will grumble, but fall to rise again
This frog is staying with it, like a tick sticks to a dog
I'm gonna win!
You're gonna love this frog!
(This winning frog..).

This frog has some climbing to do
This frog has some dreams that he's makin come true
This frog never will falter, no not through slush or fog
This frog will not wear a halter, cause nothing halts this frog!
I made myself a promise as a young green pollywog:
I'll be on top!
Nothing can stop (Nothing can stop) THIS FROG!