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Versuri Ernie and bert share a cookie
- Sesame Street

Bert is examining a cookie in his hand.

Bert: "Mmmmmmm, mmmm. ".

Ernie: (barging in) "A cookie?! Oh boy a cookie! I love cookies and oh boy am I hungry! ".

(He grabs Bert's hand and starts bringing the cookie to his mouth. Bert angrily stops him.).

Bert: "Ernie, ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-HOLD IT! ".

Ernie: (tries again) "But it's a cookie and I'm hungry and--".

Bert: (jerks away) "Ernie, this is MY cookie. I've been saving it all day just for ME. ".

Ernie: "Oh but, Bert, you wouldn't share the cookie with your best friend? ".

Bert: "Ernie, I've been saving it; this cookie is for ME. ".

Ernie: "Oh but Bert, if this were my cookie, I would share it with you. ".

Bert: (skeptical) "No you wouldn't. ".

(Bert starts to eat the cookie, Ernie stops him).

Ernie: "Oh but Bert, if this were my cookie, Bert if this were my cookie, I'd be glad to share it with you. " (abruptly he snatches it away from Bert).

Bert: "Ernie! ".

Ernie: "Just a minute, Bert, just a minute. ".

Bert: "Ernie, that's my cookie! ".

Ernie: "Oh but Bert, if this were my cookie, I'd gladly share it with you. Just ask me. ".

Bert: "Ernie, that's--".

Ernie: "No, just ask me. ".

Bert: "This is silly. (forced) Ernie, would you share that cookie with me? Augh! ".

Ernie: "Why I'd be glad to! (He breaks it in half, gives one piece to Bert and gobbles down the other half. [Did he get lessons from Cookie Monster?) See, Bert? I told you I'd share the cookie with you. Isn't that better? " (leaves).

Bert: (standing bewildered with the half-cookie) "I don't understand.. ".

(Ernie pops back, asking) : "Say Bert, would you share that half-cookie with me--".

Bert: "AAAAUUUUUGGGGHH! Leave me alone! "