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Versuri Sesame Street - Dance myself to sleep

Sometimes I have trouble
Falling asleep
But it's not so bad

(Not again)

I don't worry


And I don't weep

In fact I'm glad....

Be-cause I get up off my pillow
And I flip on the li-ight

(Turn the light back off!)

I get down and get hip
In the still of the night
I stretch and I yawn and then I breathe real deep


And dance myself to sleep!

(Ooooh, why me?)

I hoof around my beddie
Just a-tappin my toes
Before I know what's happenin'
I'm a-ready to doze


Got some partners I can count on called the Boogie Woogie Sheep


I dance myself to sleep!

(I don't believe this!)

I gently rock-a-bye myself across the floor


I turn and then I toss and then I start to snore


My trusty little bugle helps me spread the news
That I'm tappin' to "Taps"
And I'm a-rarin' to snooze!

(Oh, not the bugle)

(Smokin' bugle routine by Ernie begins, interspersed with comments by Bert)

Those sheep are tap dancing!
Oooh, why me?)

(Ernie removes the bugle from his lips... yet the bugle routine continues! Wild!)

Spoken: Oh, that's nothing, Bert, wait 'till you see Rubber Duckie play the bugle!
Watch this Rubber Duckie, he's the Boogie-Woogie Bugle Duck of Sesame Street!
(Ernie holds his duckie up to the bugle, squeezes his tummy and the bugle routine really heats up!)

(bugle solo ends)

(the sheep now begin to carry Bert and his bed out of the room)

(Ernie! Ernie! Your sheep!)

Well, I'm gettin' kinda drowsy

(Your sheep! Call them off, please! Hey!)

So the moment has come
To grab my rubber duckie

(Oooh, not outside! Please!)

While the sheep take my chum
Time to shuffle off to dreamland

(Not outside sheep! Errrrnie!)

Got a date to keep

We'll dance ourselves to sleep, oh yeah


We'll dance ourselves to sleep
Wearin' our jammies
We'll dance ourselves to sleep
And thank you, lambies
We'll dance ourselves to sleep!
(final bugle riff)

(Ernie's trademark laugh, as Bert looks in from window with long-suffering expression)

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