That's where i'll belong - versuri Sergey Lazarev |
That's where i'll belong - versuri Sergey Lazarev |
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Versuri Sergey Lazarev - That's where i'll belong

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Verse 1
I only know that I'll know I'm in love when I'm in it
Wishing you were here today,
Don't wanna wait forever,
Don't wanna feel this way,
When we meet, my life's gonna change in a minute,
And nothing's gonna be the same,
I know I'm gonna find you,

Bridge 1
Seems to me that I'm not asking much,
But this is how I feel...

All I've wanted in my life,
Is? Someone honest by my side,
Someone who'll give me back their heart,
Say when I'm wrong and when I'm right,
Just somebody to be thinking' of,
When I'm lonely late at night
And when I find that special one,
That's where I'll belong.

Verse 2
Not so long ago it was good to be alone I was happy
But now that's not enough for me
I wanna share it all,
Only then will I be complete
I've been looking
But now I'm gonna try a little harder,
Coz girl I'm gonna find ya,
Wherever you may be, oh....


Bridge 2
But I guess my dreams will have to do,
Until I find you...


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