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Versuri Seraphim Shock - Relic

Someone's Laughing Somewhere
As The Saints Come Marching In -
Pitter Patter, Splitter Splatter -
Your Faith Is Wearing Thin -
Promise Of A New Day -
Brings Compulsion to Vomit -
Silent Dust In The Eye Of God -
Who's The Relic On My Sister's Neck -
Next, Next

Revelations Pondered -
In The Corner Child Sits -
Glory Be Destiny -
Ethics Pale Cold Steel To Wrists -
Your Disease Is Rampant -
Disciple Dogs Smell A Funeral Feast -
Gather Round All Ye Angels Of Light -
The Accuser's Decided To Treat
Now Can't You See - Nobody's Home

Legions Move Swiftly Over The Fields -
Chasing The Thoughts Of We The Brethren-
Who Stand Upon Your Shores Of Knowledge -
Waiting to See With Eyes Past -
Waiting To Dance With Angels Chained -
For We Are One - One In The Same

No - It's Just Flesh - It's Just Flesh

Watcher Seeks The Lonely -
Takes The Hand Of A Chosen Few -
Messenger Why The Tear In Your Eye -
At Thirteen I Was Dying For You

Now Can't You See - Nobody's Home,
There's Just Nothing To Save

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