Kitty's dead - versuri Seraphim Shock |
Kitty's dead - versuri Seraphim Shock |
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Versuri Seraphim Shock - Kitty's dead

Once Upon A Time -
I Lost My Way -
Somewhere In The Blue -
It's Just For The Day -
I Can Watch You Cry -
It Means Nothing Now -
All Those Letters Sent -
They Pale Somehow

And Ish
Kitty Kitty's Dead
Now I Can Dream
Kitty Kitty's Dead
Now I Don't Feel

It Was Never Me -
It's Just Not Enough -
Never What It Seems -
Inside Me Now -
What Did You Expect -
For Your Memories -
Drowning In Regret -
YouÂ'll Never Know

Loves Will Die - Seasons Pass -
Still It's You - I Will Haunt

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