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Versuri Seraphim Shock - Flowered mary

Clowns Are A Clappin,
So Little Time -
Daddy Still Wonders -
Mommy Still Cries -
Doctrines Of Demons -
Traditions At Stake -
Portraits Expecting -
Feeding My Slaves

Kiss And Tell
See You In Hell

Victims Of Dogma -
Hey Where Ya Been -
2000 And Counting -
Lapping Their Sin -
Begging For Your Stripes -
Tore Out My Eyes -
IÂ'm Holding A secret -
Kiddies Won't Find

See The Morning Star -
See The Morning Star -
Suffocate The Savior -
Idol Voices Jingle Keys Insanity -
Praise My Filth Nurse Imagination
Smites Round Pay Our Disease

WeÂ've Got Flowers For Mary
Je-Je-Jealous Jesus

Routine Rituals, Why Be At All?
Can't Take The Questions Nor The Pain -
Momentary Precious, If I Could I Would
But Nothing Stayed The Same -
Can You See, Can You Feel,
Don't 's You Know It's A Dream -
IÂ'm Your Damned Queen

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