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Versuri Seraphim Shock - Beyond forever

A Dream Of Me Still Holding You -
Beneath The Violet Sky -
The Painting Of A World Soon Lost -
For Here Exists No Time -
Together Through An Endless Night -
Beneath October's Moon -
This Secret Held Behind My Eyes -
I Long To Give To You -
Remember Heavens Scent -
Remember My Touch -
If Only You Could Understand -
If Only You Could Hear My Call

Listen To Your Ancient Heart -
In Midnight's Sun, It Waits For You -
Within The Cold, Within The Dark -
A Mirror's Fate Will Surely Keep You

And Through The Darkness
WeÂ'll Find The Light -
Beyond Forever You Will Be Mine -
It's Everything I Could Never Say -
Take One Last Breath And Slip Away

Now Join With Me In Black Embrace -
And Dance Upon Your Nameless Grave -
To Spill The Light
And Pour Yourself In Final Sacrifice -
Now Lick The Sin, The Crushing Fount -
As One With Devil's Sight

Beyond Forever,

You're Mine

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