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Versuri Seraphim Shock - Annabell

Annabell Sits At Her Window -
Gazing At The Autumn Sky -
Prays That Christ Will Come
And Save Her Soul -
Drifting Out Into The Garden -
Holding Close To Father's Shame -
Fighting Back The Bitter Ages Song

Oh Annabell - When Will You See -
There's Nothing Left Inside -
At Dawn We Dream

Promises Of Love Forever -
Hand And Hand Into The Fields -
Curses Prey Upon A Heart So Young -
Everything She's Ever Wanted -
Clinging To His Velvet Lies -
Anything To Take Away The Pain

On And On Into The Season -
Waiting For His Serenade -
Ghosts will Dance
for One Last Crimson Kiss -
Cast Away Times Endless Circle -
Haunting Statues In A Spell -
Tears Of Blood Betrayed By Mornings Light

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