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Versuri Sepultura - Empire of the damned

There is an empire in the boundaries of Hell
Where only the death can reach and only demons reign
Place of lust, blasphemy and eternal darkness
Where the ritual sacrifices are offfered to the master
Illusion of the darkness
Power of death
Strenght of Hell
Empire of the damned
On the black hills of Meggido you'll find
A place so cold as the mist, so dark as the night
Black armies march to the hills
To make the power of the reign of darkness crow
The exterminating angels
Here there's to be emperor
To comand Nospheratus
Creature of crypts
From the eternal darkness
A blade will shine
Saints and Gods will judged
Killed and buried
One day this empire will be descovered
For the judgement of mankind
Gnash of teeth and endless cries will be heard
The Hell there's to bury, the Heaven there's to dethrone
In the quitness of Heaven
And in the orgy of hades
An empire will raise
Against the churches
And against the prriests
It'll be like a concentration camp
A desolate place
Where the sun will be black as the darkness

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