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Versuri Sepultura - Beneath the remains

In the middle of a war that was not started by me
Deep depression of the nuclear remains
I've never thought of, I've never thought about
This happened to me
Proliferations of ignorance
Orders that stand to destroy
Battlefields and slaughter
Now they mean my home and my work
Who was won?
Who was died?
Beneath the remains

Cities in ruins
Bodies packed on minefields
Neurotic game of life and death
Now I can feel the end
Premonition about my final hour
A sad image of everything
Everything's so real
Who was won?
Who was died?

Everything happened so quickly
I felt I was about to leave hell
I'll fight for myself, for you but so what?
To feel a deep hate
To fell scared
But beyond that, to wish being at an end
Clotted blood
Mass mutilation
Hope for the future is only utopia
Mortality, insanity, fatality
You'll never want to feel what I've felt
Mediocrity, brutality and falsity
It's just world against me

Bridge repeat

Beneath to remains

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