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Versuri Love and death
- Sentenced

When the bow breaks the cradle will fall.
I am in shape for the game, but for life?.. no more.
I have come here to end my life
and I will do it with this rusty knife.
It will all be over soon and I'll be through..
to find my way to you.

Loving Death..
like she was at the End.
Love and Death..
can unite their souls again.
Loving Death..
he'll make it through it all.
Love and Death..
go hand in hand once more.

Is life too precious?
He knows it ain't.
Well, it never could have gone any other way..
nicely, slowly, enjoying the pain..
and the soul will finish its jail.
The wind will cry my name as the dark now cries her's.
By then I've silenced.
No final words said to this world.

Loving Death..
like they were back then.
Love and Death..
have united through his end.
Loving Death..
as blood flows on the shore.
Love and Death..
go hand in hand once more.
Love and Death forever more.