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Versuri Sentenced - Beyond the wall of sleep

Fade into dream...
Deep into a dormant pseudo-life
Drown into night...
Pass through the gate of sleep

I see faded colours...
I see a landscape so calm...

To live a life asleep... is to master mortality
I wander between these worlds
On a quest to find a key

When life seems to be lost
And death comes to me door
I vanish into a dream
Into a place so cold, yet warm

Within my flesh
A thorn is molesting my sleep
It's teasing me...
Am I human after all?

Faded in dream...
Beyond the wall of sleep
For the sleep of death...
It is the most divine

Sandman stabs me in the back...
Lord Ego, Punish me!
Cleanse me from humanity!
Reveal the f***g Beast!

I must drown the human ignorance
Deep in the lake of fire - Drink the wine
Sandman, stab me in the back!
Lord Ego... Punish me!

To live within a dream... is to master mortality
The quest to find a key... Still lives!

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