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Were new entries ready to make a statement.
bright lights make up fashion lines we don't
want this picture fading.
Were been created to make the system upgraded
burning men dates off we only ride shotgun money
got us lazing. We true girlies with the mirror in are
back pocket let the men pay for are barcadi dance real
close at the house parties. We admitt we wnat luxery items
and are brains are get straighten up by the industry are senses
are burning up were the new trend off there leash.


Why you acting up were give you a section you can
selected my vocials my car or my ice we got it wrapped up.
Media want interviews were the new teens on the block
they wanna pull us down saying were gonna fail but are album
sales are rising so sit back and be shocked. We came for are goal
in life to tour the world and inspire are fans in life its not easy being a role model so give us a
chance. were having to irgnore are cellaphones because the record company wanna change are imagine
and search a catalogue we don't wanna use explicit lines but they get us bitchin. I'm remember the
days wishing i could be the artist collecting a moon man award seeing my name on the billbaord
charts and i've been granted that wish so I'm gonna aim for legenged most valuable and i hold party
bashes for all of yall.


Hurry up my firend soutside riding in the jag pull up
at the club cameras in all sides.
rolling up the red carpet smiles going out to the dj
who bombing tonight I got to pause for a minute and capture
this inside.


Its a girlies night pampered up looking real tight.
boys hollaring from there car windows they can't catch are
breathe we on a whole new level insert this disc you be
bubblin untill a. m to p. m.

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