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Versuri Seeed - Goldmine

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this is seeeds ear
and i appear in here
with illvibe
Seeed for our tribe
for all our people doing their thing
you are king
Goldmine keep going
appear you are right

we bend your knees
we are soul
Songtexte to make you feel so glad

we need the sweet

we use our keys
Songtext cool heat
we like to feed our head

we need the sweet
born for peace
there is no need
for us to bleed so bad
we need the sweet

time to release our breed
life could be so sweet
Liedertexte instead

how do you feel
our wind blows mad

ride with me
Liedertext we pass the dead

turn your wheel
the light shows what you get
... and now take that:

there's gold
in the mine
we need this sweet
Seeed hold that beat
make it shine [repeat 4x]

spice this realize this
Goldmine in us
we trust
and reflect
wide eyes
wild styles
we bust ideas
Songtexte and we act
wise in open files
not just for ears
Songtext this track
is to dance miles
on our sunrise
we are nice we and this try
Lyrics should last
till we are past
we blast this sound packed
Lyric here is what we select

there's gold
in the mine
Liedertexte we need this sweet
hold that beat
make it shine [repeat 4x]

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