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Versuri Sebutones - Dead men don't walk

Artist: Sebutones
Album: 50/50 Where it Counts
Title: Dead Men Don't Walk

[6. 2]

[Chorus: Buck 65 & 6. 2]
Dead men don't walk
They only decompose
When I count to three you close your eyes and keep 'em closed
Its nightmarish to think you might perish slowly fear it
Or pray to your chosen holy spirit

[Buck 65]
I'm an ugly sack of mostly water born to be informed
And the only one that knows me is Obi Wan Kenobi
My new mission as a musician
Is the absorption of filtered truths (6. 2: Truths)
So as you listen to this and consider why I'm fussing over nothing
Don't think for a moment that it's easy to please me
We write 'em desperate to keep certain items separate
The foolish pursuit of novelty boggles me
I'll share irrefutable tested results
With beautiful breasted adults
That offer feedback and need fact to figure
That's why I'm listening to Miss Helena Christiansen
For instance and I'm convinced that you got
Scud missiles in your blood vessels
One One launches
Memory is erased from your unconscious
Think of the days that your fears grew near

And you saw them coming at you in the rearview mirror


[6. 2]
I absorb my surroundings and recycle the chosen thoughts
Repackage the lessons for the old and decrepit
My broken-down system is immune to all insignificant
Mentors and models from all of history's vast amount of mysteries
Inconceivable notion that the dead walk upright
And march alongside productive numbers in society
Slumbers thin applying the proper physics
To change imbalanced scales and relevant statistics
Counterfeit cubans are smoked by vast amounts of sucker DJs
That don't count in the real world
The aura surrounding
Meanwhile the dub system pounding
Soundtracks for apocalyptic progressive thoughts and infiltration
Dead men
Not even

"The armored personnel carrier.... forward
M 132 [rumble]"


[6. 2] Dead

[Mos Def sample]:
"Ashes to ashes
And dust to dust" repeat to end

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