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Versuri Seaweed - Crush us all

Clear vision in what you say

Is you lost yourself in the deadlock

In which you were raised

Recognition of a hand that fed

Mouths that bled, Biting back today

Clear vision of a boast and brag

Cuts me off and leaves me dead on the way

Keeping busy by causing skies to dark with flies

But think of all that you praised

Give it right back and get back to your promises

Give it right back and get back to your promises

Or damn us all to hell

Crush us all

Still lost in the brag

This season you'll raise your gun and knock out one

Frame the head at your place

Sick sleazy and weighs a ton, now you're undone

Stuck up to your waste

Look over the hills you dwell

You look like hell in the window holding you face

Cars engine is cold and sad

You're driving bad

Talking into,

Get out of my way

Here's to the roust

Glass over morning

Till you see that just like the old days, who owns the town

Smile spills forth as you're brewing.

Chorus, then repeat first verse

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