Three little birds - versuri Sean Paul feat Ziggy Marley |
Three little birds - versuri Sean Paul feat Ziggy Marley |
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Versuri Sean Paul feat Ziggy Marley - Three little birds

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Intro: Sean Paul)
Well easy dont worry all yuh life away
Yuh sayin a lot a prayers to the devil I say I say
Jah live, Jah live
So den mi go so den
[Chorus x2: Ziggy Marley & (Sean Paul)]
Dont worry (easy yuh brain), about a thing (do you hear wah wi seh)
Every little thing, is gonna be alright (Well listen wi again)
[Verse 1: Ziggy Marley & (Sean Paul)]
Woke up this morning, smile with the rising sun (yeah yeah)
Three little birds, pitched by my doorstep (yo yo)
Singin sweet songs (hey now), of melodies pure and true (hey now)
Singin, this is my message to you (aiyyo, aiyyo, aiyyo)
(Verse 2: Sean Paul)
Bless up dont stress up an nuh matta worry yuh brain
Listen di lyrics a weh di message contain
High pon know mi guy yuh know Jah never gwaan rain
So why bodda complain, aiyyo
Life is a road so deh yuh fi choose di right lane
Some people f***s dem energy can be a pain
Neva acknowledge all a di blessing dem gain, dats why wi keep on sayin
(Bridge: Sean Paul)
Yo dont worry, wi haffi live life true yeah
Wi know life is such a heavy load, yo yo
So weh wi tellin dem again
(Verse 3: Sean Paul)
Positive livin yah man a suh wi do wi ting
Jah Jah keep givin so everyday wi haffi sing
Live up yuh passion becau wi know it mus live
Who a try test yuh wid negative a get a sting
Dem kick up a ground an still a bow to di king
Evil dem plot up dat still is controlling
Lie dem neva trust in Jah love amazing
Fire ever blazing
(Bride 2: Sean Paul)
Yo keep movin
Cau wi live life true yeah
Wi know life is such a heavy load
But Jah bless wi again
(Verse 4: Sean Paul)
Yo, hey, so nuh bodda wi vex nuh bodda screw aiyyo
Dont bodda rule everyday dat yuh a live up Jah Jah still a bless yuh
Even though di clouds appear gray an times are too
Neva be givin it up becau Jah word is true
Everyday to day is brighter, dont bodda fight
Every man fi reach a height an come fi know dem owna rights
A respect one anodda and a heed Jah Jah sight
Neva lose sight of di light
(Outro: Sean Paul)
Stephen Marley, Ziggy Marley, Sean A Paul, so wi go so yo

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