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Versuri Freestyle on rap city
- Sean Paul feat Tiger

trimise de BengalezuBengalezu.

Sean da Paul
yo mi go so
uh all jamaicans yo
mi waan yuh sing along
yo all sexy ladies
me waan yuh sing along yo
mi go so den.

woman nuh waan no bait
dem na go feel violate if u accelerate pon de date
dem waan yuh infiltrate
woman dey waan yuh tear down dem wall n dem gate
n yuh hear weh mi state.

woman nuh waan no bait
dem na go feel violate if u accelerate.

Tigger yo a dey a pon de track
Sean a Paul and we nah gon turn back yo
so weh mi tell em seh.

mi nah get no bligh
Sean Paul a pressure you with one more try
buss up inna mi life man
and feeling fi cry
takin all mi heart
baby that not lie
so yo weh mi seh mi go so.

Don a Paul and we day a pon de track
Cah yuh dun kow seh dutty and we mekin it like dat
Girl dem sey dem want it from tha front and back
Sean a Paul and we givin dem. exact.

yo mi go so
just gimme tha light and pass the dro
buss anudda bokkle a mo
gal em inna wi site and i gotsta know
which one is gonna catch my flow
because im inna tha vibe and i got my dough
ooh kids dem also.

Big tigger and we day a pon de track
yo watch it now

Dutty rockin it
front and tha back in it
de gal dem sey dem love it
when mi constantly rockin it
dun know seh dat Sean a Paul
we day a coppin it
yo mi album bad
wih de better out tha streets
wih de better copin it
dem bootlegs [censored] yo you gonna get[censored]
Sean a Paul and we day a you a pick up all a slot in it
dun know wi rising to de top in it

yo connect de dot in it
tink about it yo
connect de dots yo
Jamaicans ready fi hit de block yo
those who try fi test seh fi better possess the better know how
if not yo
yo dem a go lose all dem spot yo
Sean a Paul start connect dot now
with ease
taking over hotter it a reez (?)
dont come inna mi way when mi a squeeze cah
wi can be heard up inna de west indies
smell de powder inna jamaican breeze
yo trees
smoke by the bun by da keys (?)
nuff luv like rice and peas
top notch you a top notch
you a tell dem a better stop watch
the way a we be clockin it
making this
you like grinding it
yo picking up the place
double timing it
up inna yuh face redefining it
like Bob Marley dead so get yuh mind in it
de rest yuh a get left behind in it
we a tell dem seh.

[big tiggers rap].

straight up we no bait up
yuh dun know from both nine
de bait up we tell em seh
Sean a Paul we dey a on time
we never late up
dun know seh dat we haffi tell em deh well straight up
yo big up all jamaican shottas
big up all de sexy ladies too
all de gals dem inna NYC, we love you
yuh dun know all a dem girls dem a mi boo (?)
Sean a Paul a rockin it fi you n you n you
Merry Xmas
Its Xmas Eve
Word out to all Eve's
you dun know seh dat Sean a Paul we got nuff
Tricks up inna wi sleeve
Dutty and we day a
Sean da Paul
Selassie I
respect yo
dutty yeah
straight up.

By Andrey