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Versuri The trinity
- Sean Paul

trimise de BengalezuBengalezu.

Yo yo!
My main aim is to maintain
Beyond 2005 stay alive Jah Jah we a fare
Stay clear of the brain drain
Cau di system design wid a oily pitfall
And be told inna dust a likkle bit again
And when you walk thin line
Then' em seh do it again.
My main aim is to stay sane
Cause I never did lie
Can I never will offense.

Chorus (2x) ::
So listen me,
Those who player hate and keep on dissin me
Tell em say dem cannot stop the synergy
Dem couldnt never limit me, matta how dem mimic and a gimmick me
Tell em say dem cannot stop my energy
I' m givin' em the trinity!
Verse 1::
Music so dat dem cyan refuse it
Rival inna party type cuties they be shakin up dem booties
That is how the dutty sell da units
Nuff a get puzzled like a rubics
When then hearing all me new hits
Watch a make me showed dem how we do this
Cau dis is how di dutty get da true kicks

School dem a da true hits
Year after year dem cyan dispute this
Queen dancehall its undiluted

Chorus (2x)
Verse 2::
Wit music we keep playing
Dat' s why we doing it wit heart
So we live it out wit light flame.
Feel the girls dem keep saying
Sean Paul. you are the general
So dis one a be de girls dem
Me love it see when dem keep saying
A Mr Bennett, dont know
dippy dees come back again
A Sean Paul pon the track again
To make di bad man know
we are da factor dat run da game.

Chorus (2x)
Trini-trini-trinity yes! Trini- sellah!
Say dem cyaan stop
stopstop-stopstop-stop-stopstopstop.. the third album!. sellah!
Trini-trini-trinity.. dem cyan get me out of the game.
Dutty yeah! Du-Dutty yo!.

Chorus (2x)
Verse 1
Chorus (2x)