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Versuri Sean Paul - Never gonna be the same

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As di reality of di times tek hold
Wi come to terms wid di sadness wi bear
Missin di times wi never get to share
Whoa whoa, whoa whoa, whoa whoa, whoa whoa
Just a few words becau wi care
Still I got all di memories
Whoa whoa whoa whoa, whoa whoa
So when mi look up inna mi life its plain to see
That its never gonna be the same
Take another step on toward my destiny
But di memories still remain
Deep inna mi brain inna mi soul I hold the key
Still its never gonna be the same
Throughout life an beyond all eternity
Yo we keep burnin up the flame
(Verse 1)
Wish I could prevent all these end of times and bring back Daddygon a great bredren of mine
I, sit an remember all the things that we spoke of
All a di secret tings an all di tings we made joke of
Still cannot believe they took your life away
But those who pull the trigger cannot take away
Because man a di righteous have wi Jah Jah so I know Ill see you again mi brodda
Weh mi sing
(Verse 2)
Fi all di friends an family that have passed on
Leaving impressions an memories that will last on
Givin thanks fi all di time that wi know them
Reminisce dem legacy dat is what wi owe dem
Because they have to make us who we are
So let us never forget to talk it near an far
Bless up Grandpa, Lianne an Chrissy
Caan forget yuh even if I try so weh mi go so
Fadda Bogle (keep burnin up all the flame)
Steven Satime (never gonna ever be the same)
Peter Cargill (keep burnin up all di flame)
Shorty Malka (got memories inna mi veins)
Nicole Winter (keep burnin up all the flame)
All friends an families (never gonna ever forget wi friend)
Wi never forget yuh (keep burnin up all di flame)
(The flame, till Jah Jah link wi again)
For all the friends that have passed on before
Wi pray that you rest in peace
An Jah keep yuh safe until wi meet again

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