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Versuri Definite
- Sean Paul

trimise de BengalezuBengalezu.

Why everyday she waan come push har partite inna yuh business so wah gwaan
Mek har know seh yu a di oonu fi di Lord
Mek har know seh yuh have nuff tings a gwaan
Furtha more she fi know seh man nah waste time pon har fi pop it off
Kick back an laugh gyal she nah mek di draft
(Chorus x2)
Oman a gyal a look yuh man
Yu nuh give a damn
Let me hear yuh shout becau yuh definite
(Woo Hoo)
Yu have yuh owna plan
Yuh nuh tootasan
Yu a mek yuh owna ground an den a done stand
(Woo Hoo)
(Verse 1)
Dem cannot mix yu up inna dem likkle mitty business
Yuh done know yu a di wife yuh man him nah keep nuh mistress
Yu a send him kisses-is an best regard a wishes-is
Yu nah scrape nah pot why nah plate nah do dishes-is

She come inna yuh premises wid teeth in abilities
A move widout a plyasis yuh shoes an all yuh dresses-is
Used to be yuh friend but now she tun yuh own a nemesis
Still a gyal wish she can bury this
(Verse 2)
Everyday dem walk around like carry dem sususus
Smelly floppy-floppy an a fear a if a patamus
When dem see yuh man dem waan fi cop him up like a top us
an yu dem waan fi buss dem move a selfish us
Because dem lift stone frivolous
An gyal a know fi shush shush shush
Dutty and a scoopalus dem tek yuh like a patacus
If dem try fi dis den gun there aint apply di dus dus dus
Yuh nah live yuh life like a circus
(Verse 1)
(Chorus until end)