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Versuri My lady (p-money mix)
- Scribe

Its tha Remix
P-Money on tha beat
You know how we do it
This my girls song
So ladies listen up
This is bout mt lady
She knows who she is.

Lets do it.

When im wif you I feel
I can do anything
Ican just spread my wings
I can just say sumthings
Cuz i feel comfortable
When Im around you girl
We can do wat you like
Me n you against tha world
Ever since tha day you came
I haven't felt no pain
I'll never be tha same
Now I know i love you.

More than all my kicks
More than all my clothes
(Yeah i love you way more than that)
More than all mi friends
More than all my flows
(I love you more than Hip-Hop, I told you)
More than everything
You were there for me
Like you said you'd be
Through my darkest day
My coldest night
You'd hold me tight
You said I'd be alright
Wish I could turn back times
To when you were mine.

Two words me and you

Lets just get away far away from it all
Lets find a better day
Everythings alright
We talk all night
On tha fone Lets go
just us all alone
I know I was unsure before
But now i see i love you more.


Never thought you would be
Everything that I need
Everything that I ever wanted
In you i can see
And then we made love
From tha car to tha house
To tha hall on tha wall
From tha floor to tha couch
Then I went away on tour
You said you missed my touch
I reply I love you asked me how much.

More than all my kicks
More than all my clothes
More than all my friends
More than all my flows
More than everything
you were there for me.

I love you.

More than all that s***t.

More than everything.

My lady.



We out, bounce, bounce, bounce.

??? I dont do this
But uh
Like that
Uh ah, uh ah, uh ah, uh ah,.

P-money loves you to

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