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Versuri My old pal blues (dedicated to the memory of leroy carr)
- Scrapper Blackwell

I woke up this morning, couldn't hardly get out of my bed (2x)
When I got the news, that Leroy Carr was dead.

I run to the window, and I throwed up the blinds (2x)
I stood there wondering, and just couldn't keep from crying.

The day of his funeral, I hated to see Leroy's face (2x)
Because I know there's no one, could ever take his place.

Then off to the funeral, then to the burying ground (2x)
My heart was breaking, as they lowered him down.

He's done singing, he's done playing, you'll never hear his voice no more (2x)
He was a real good pal, and I'll miss him everywhere I go.