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Versuri Be-da-da-bum
- Scrapper Blackwell

I'm gonna stop them kittens, from playin' in my hall-way
They been waking me up every morning, about the break of day.

About that be-de-da-di-bum etc.

Now that tom was on the wood-shed, kitty on the ground
Tom made a pass, and they both went round and round

Now the tom said to the kitten, what you gonna do?
Come here to me, kitten, I'm gonna murder you

Now if these cats get crazy, and act the fool,
Now tell me, people, what am I going to do?

Now my baby put me out, said, I don't want you no more,
And I wonder why my baby, had to tell me so

Now I can remember way back, with ma and pa,
Let me tell you, about they swore

Now you take these young folks, that goes to high school,
They sometimes really, do act the fool

Now wonder baby, what more can I do,
In this wide world, to get along with you?