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All these years you turned your back on me
It took time but I know just what this means

And I feel so small when you take it all
you push me away
when its said and done all this s***t aint fun
I'll still be here

I've tried so hard to talk to you
Lend an ear is something you can't do

Im here and Im standing tall but I feel so god damn hollow
your ways, engrave, my brain, I follow
my lips are sown up tight to stop the words I'll tell you
My life, this time, I feel torn inside
I wanna take my fist and crush your perfect face!
I will, one day, I will un-mute the pain
and then you'll see
What you've made.. and hate

Why did you beat me down, why did you leave me here
why did you push me away, you taught me how to fear
I've never said these things I hide
I hold these f***d up thoughts inside

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