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Versuri Saxon - Devil rides out

Cast your spell in the night
Blackhearted woman mistifies
Heart of stone cold as ice
Play the cards roll the dice

You're a devil in disguise
I see the evil in your eyes
Used to love you but now I know
Devil woman won't let go

She's a devil, a devil rides out (*)
She's a devil, a devil rides out

Spin the wheel cast my fate
Wicked body filled with hate
Feel your power in my soul
Trapped inside your crystal ball

Turn the key lock me in
Keep me hungry for your sin
We were lovers from the start
Stop the torture of my heart

I'm the loser in the game
You're the keeper you got me tamed
You're the priestess with eyes of fire
Now I see that you're a liar

I've been a fool I should have known
You were evil up to the bone
Break the spell and let me go
It's not a secret anymore

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