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Versuri Welcome
- Savatage

The lights come on.

The set is down
The curtain's flown away
To all you creatures of the night
I say it's time we play.

We'll show you things.

That in your life
You'd never dreamed you'd know
So now before the ghosts arrive
It's welcome to the show.

Minstrels, kings, explorers
Fantasies on order
Ghosts and dreams awakened
Stories long forsakened.

The minstrel and the sorcerer
Are switching their disguise.

The jester drinks and starts to think.

That he alone is wise.

The governor and journalist
Exchange a judas kiss
And now before the song is done
The plot begins to twist.

Ghosts and lost explorers
Fate with all her daughters
Saints and hopeless sinners
Wise men in their winters

Welcome to the show
Welcome to the show
Welcome to the show
Welcome to the show.

His life was nearly over
As he stood upon the beach
Thinking about death and the ocean
While still safely out of reach.

And he held there in his hand
A well worn hourglass
And though the sand was still inside.

Soon this too would pass.

Then he knelt to touch the water
Where the waves would gently fall
Thinking here I touch the ocean
And the ocean touches all.

For from a line of countless sailors
He was the last man of his kind
And the world had changed around him
He had no mountains left to climb.

And his last name was Magellan

A descendant of the same.

Or so he said in late night bars.

Though few believed his claim.

And so he now talked with the ocean
As he had often done before
But now the waves spoke back to him
As he walked along the shore.

For eighty years plus seven
He had been upon this earth
And all of them but eight
He'd spent on that ocean since his birth.

But he was not the only one
Who walked along this coast
There was a lady old and pale
To some nearly a ghost.

She had once been a great beauty
It was rumored in some bars
When she'd left here many years before
To become a movie star.

But every wish is not to be
Ahh this in time she learned
And when her final chance had passed
Back here she had returned.

And everyday at six o'clock.

She came to a small cafe
And had herself a glass of wine
And then she'd walk away.

To others she was gray and old
Not the beauty she'd been before
But it did not matter what she was
What mattered was what he saw.

And so for near three years now
He'd watch her everyday
And though they always were so close.

He felt so far away.

For he could never quite arrange.

The words inside his mind
That he could say to make her stay
And he was running out of time.

He could not find the words to say
To such a work of dreams
And so he watched her walk away
And always stayed unseen