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Versuri Rage
- Savatage

I've been pushed out, but I'm back up on my feet,
I've been turned down by every girl I meet
I've done my sentence, I'm the one going insane
Learn to live my life ________.

I know, child, how to play the game.


My life's in total hell, I can't take it no more
People walking over me, turn to me at the store
I'd_______baby, don't you ______
I want to live my life, ______ my destiny.

I know love, it is all a game.

Rage!!! Rage, rage, rage!!!!!!!.

I'm planting my dynamite outside of city hall
Remembering the time I spent locked inside four walls
Hand down the ____, the countdown begins
Am I gonna burn in hell for all my lifelong sins?.

I know love, it is all a game.

Rage!!!!!!!!! Rage, Rage, rage!!!!!!!!!
Rage!!! , Rage, rage, rage!!!!!!!!!!!