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Versuri Tell me it's okay
- Savage Garden

trimise de BlueflowerBlueflower.

So many people wonder why
In a world where you and I
Can belong to one another
Can be strong for one another
Where did the friendship that I know
Disappear where did it go
How can laughter and smiles
Turn into hating each others lies.


The time of thinking is over, done
The cards are dealt, let's have some fun.


Ooh, someone tell me it's okay
Say it's true, 'cause I don't wanna believe it.

(Verse Two).

I don't believe you when you say
You don't have time in your day
To indulge a little humour

Crack a smile, afraid that you might
Tear to pieces your own soul
But I think that you should know
I have seized my desire
Only branded a liar.



Is it okay?
Don't know here that it's okay

(Verse Three).

If there's a reason for descent,
Into lonely nothingness
Go on throw 'em in the fire
Take the rope, swing it higher
Under the amber autumn sun
May the prophet come undone
for a world without sorrow
Is a day with no tomorrow