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Versuri Sasha - Take good care

You say you want me
And that's a thrill
It's like I'm bungee jumping
While I'm standing still
You wash me over
Leave me out to dry
But I still got suspicions
Can you tell me why

Keep tipping over myself for you
It's like I've lost my balance
Don't know what to do
You pick me up
Then put me down
I start to lose my senses
When you're around

Take good care, care of my heart
Don't ever let me down
Take good care of my heart
If you want me to stay around

I wonder sometimes
if you care at all
You throw me up and down
like a bouncing ball

And then I see you
And I just don't care
I feel I'm ten foot tall
And I could walk on air

You say you need me
You say you care
But half the time you treat me
As if I'm not there
Then when you call me
I run to you
And I know you think it's funny
I'm afraid you do!!

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