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Versuri Sarcasm - Winter

It's starting...

In their caverns all the monkeys,
lived like every day was
first one they had seen
eating, laughing, mating, sleeping
innocent and carefree
life was but a dream

Paradise was theirs, they knew it
neverending summer days
spent playing games
Tales of cold no one believed,
things have always been like this
and there's no change

Winter, someone whispers
Winter, no one listens

It's coming...

Not too bright but maybe happy
they had learned that they know
all there is to know
wish there had been less apathy
when the winds all turned cold
and the winter came

Winter, should have seen it
Winter, could have stopped it

And I'm screaming
as I'm weeping
feel like trying to wake the dead
hopeless prayer
for a hopeless dream
had our chance now it's too late

It's ending...

sun's gone down
it's time for goodbyes
the monkey land has finally died
and we all fade away
with no more than a sigh
to meet the white cold storm outside

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