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Versuri Sarah - The state i'm in

I'm circling around the sun
hoping for a chance to see
you above everyone
to rescue me from this heat
I'm waiting for night to fall
and it's been days

are you sorry yet
that you took our one and final breath
when the flag was halfway down
just look at me now

oooh - it's like a breeze blowing deep
beneath my skin
oooh - won't you help me out of the state I'm in
there's nothing there to lean upon
what I'd give for a minute more

I walk into a photograph
the waiter took so well
oooh - if I could only laugh
like that girl did at some hotel
I call out to anyone
but not too loud

I'm not ready yet
to share the phone or the tv set
it's a long long way to come
out of this one

and now it seems so fatal
the last stone we left uncradled
and I ask you

are you sorry yet
are you sorry yet
cause I may never come
out of this one

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