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Versuri Sarah Slean - Cosmic ballet

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One said april is the cruelest month
when worn out promises return
but there's more wisdom in the iris bud
than all our centuries of words
see as the flower opens
what is there to say?
Oh, hear the vow unspoken
in its sweet decay
this eternity of ebb and flowing...
oh the cosmic ballet
all my life I tried to kill this longing,
tried to cure it, make it right,
but how it tugs me to my destined places
like a moon upon the tides
how can the dream be broken
if the dreamer learns?
these are the fires I poke in,
but I'm never burned
ebb and flowing of an ancient ocean...
oh the cosmic ballet
sweet dancing,
sweet dancing,
a dancer you must be
sick woman in a sick bed waiting
light fast fading in her eyes
somewhere else another light is forming
turning into newborn cries
on the wind is sighing,
calling out our names
saying no, no there is no dying
only changing face
you my darling are the rest and motion...
of the cosmic ballet
sweet dancing,
sweet dancing,
and dancers you shall be.

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