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Versuri Sarah Brightman - Any dream will do

From joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat i closed my eyes,
Drew back the curtain
To see for certain
What i thought i knew.

Far, far away
Someone was weeping,
But the world was sleeping
Any dream will do.

I wore my coat
With golden lining,
Bright colours shining,
Wonderful and new.

And in the east
The dawn was breaking
And the world was waking

Any dream will do.

A crash of drums,
A flash of light,
My golden coat,
Flew out of sight.
The colours faded into darkness
I was left alone.

May i return
To the beginning?
The light is dimming,
And the dream is too.

The world and i,
We are still waiting,
Still hestating.
Any dream will do.

Any dream will do.

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