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Versuri Santana - Since supernatural

*feat. Melkie Jean & Governor Washington

Since Supernatural ain't nothin changed
All new players still the same old game
Well if you're low-ridin or your up in your range
Let me see you blow your horn
For the mommies that be lookin good at he bus stop
The ones at the club that be makin the fires start
Your fools with the thugs that be makin the guns spark
Why can't we all just get along?
LAPD, riots, beating
Streets on fire, people fleeting
Someone said there's O. J. speeding
Cochran beef in that club ain't fittin
Tyson's fight, Vegas lights
Tupac lost his life that night
And Biggie dies
And hip-hop prize
And that's when the East and the West unite
So, come on

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