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Versuri Sane - My dear

how long, is too long to wait
outside your windowpane
standing soaked, in the rain
night light, slowly turns from blue
to grey to red
static crackles in my head
cause I heard what you said

oh my dear, saying all the things
that they wanted you to say
can you feel me slip away?
Oh my dear, dreaming all the things
they wanted you to dream
but you gave me everything
when you asked me to sing,
I love you, and I love you too

hush there, the wind insures
that you don't make a sound
stepping softly into town
the pale light, sends a
warning you don't care to hear
I can sense it when you're near
cause of all that you feel

and they said don't believe it,
i'm leaving it all for now
and you said you won't leave me,
not in my darkest hour
and they said don't believe it,
I'm leaving it all for now
and you said wait,
I understand it now oh my dear

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