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Versuri Sane - Hypnotize

Watch the light, hypnotize
Step out of the darkness, watch the light
you'll be hypnotized.

Come inside, mesmerize
If you had listened to what I had to say
you'd be, mesmerized.

But you always close your ears at the perfect time...

And you've been here before...

Close your eyes, hold me tight,
Do whatever you have to do but
just, hold me tight.

Caress the night, glamorize
show them the things they want to see,
please, glamorize.

But we've been standing here the entire time...

And the night falls,
And you close the shades
And you undress, and climb in bed
And you stay there,
Still thinking about the day.

And you wake up,
And you hear the news
And you call me, into the room
And you say we, can't keep
Waiting for tomorrow

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