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Bitter love song - versuri Sane |
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Versuri Sane - Bitter love song

Sit down, I know the room is plain,
Never mind the bloodstains
Now that you're here, you've got to get away
I was blind to you and I'm blind still too but..

I chose my words so carefully,
Now I wait for the phone to ring,
Haven't learned a single thing,
There's a noise on the wind, I'm going back in and

Now that, everything is in place
What is there to take away?
You lied to me then and you're lying again but

You mean so much more to me now
that the war has commenced,
Doesn't make a bit of sense,
Blinds on our eyes, hate in disguise

When can I see you again?

You're quite a catch now, or so I'm told,
Shining bright, while the lights are on,
You do it well, play a sold out show,
But I'm breaking in and I'll watch you again, but I

Live with insects, I'm unadorned,
Misplaced rage, my clothes are torn,
Instincts are at the breaking point,
Join in the fray, underestimated, but

Now that, everything is in place...

When can I see.

I'll take you and shape you-
I'll make you and break you-
I'll hide you and right you-
Deny you - provide you,

I'll tear down the walls
that they've built all around you,
I'll take you away, from the place that I found you
Hold you in my arms, create life inside you,
I'll fill up your senses with all that they hide from you

The blood in my veins, it all flows toward you,
I've tasted your lips, now all else is poison,
I've walked on your floor,
I've stood by your bedpost
I'll pound on your door,
till my fists become bruises

I see for a moment, then blindness surrounds me
I buried my sorrow, but somehow it found me
Excuses are bankrupt, there's nowhere to turn to,
I stand in defiance, but my heart bows before you.

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