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Bad dreams - versuri Sane |
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Versuri Sane - Bad dreams

I've been having bad dreams lately
I always end up dead
I've been hearing messages
sent just outside my head

when I stop this shivering
I'll take you from this room
there's a great awakening and
I'm gonna wake up soon

I can't lose ya, lose ya, lose ya
I take one step back and you throw me clear
I can't lose ya, lose ya, lose ya,
and just like that, you disappear again

it's getting late I must be home
before the stroke of 12
and there's no trouble in this place
that we can't find ourselves
I've read your diaries
and still can't find a cure
not much but seems to me
won't see you anymore

I've been keeping notebooks in my head
all the people who notice when I'm dead
everybody loves you once you're dead
guess I'll just go fishing with my dad

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