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Versuri Sammie - The bottom

(verse 1)
I was up in the hood
down at my boy's house
it was the summertime
when ev'ryone would hang out
down at the corner store
we had the best of times
yellin' bingo out
at ev'ry card that came by

I knew that I haven't changed
and I wanted them to believe
that I was gonna make it

oooh oohhh oh yeah
from the bottom to the top
I got 'em
in Miami
this is where i stay (ooh yea)
oooohhh oh ohhh oh yea
from the bottom to the top
I got 'em
yeah in Miami

(verse 2)
It happened so fast
I cant believe at last
I headed to the ATL
just to hear tha sound
to go with Dallas and
he had a record plan
that Jt Money; Vega;
that whole Miami route

I knew that I haven't changed (oh yea)
and I wanted them to believe
that I was gonna make it big
from the bottom
from the bottom to the top baby
I got 'em__ In Miami
thats where I be thats where I be
(oh yea)
Nah nah oohh ohh yea ohh yyeeeaaa
Miami___ Sammie__ representin'
oh yeaaa____ bout it bout it
ya know i am

(Rap JT Money)
Where you see it's where the base drop
Where the girls in the tempa just stay hot
That bottom where the base game started
And the girls shake they thang ho' hearted
In Miami baby 48 carrots
Straight thug when it don't be happenin'
Old school on the fish and the chumps
Lettin' out playin old school funks
Big Sammie put it down for the bottom
Fly hunnies want money we got em' (oh yea)
What you know about that Miami heat (huh) Find hot street wear all in the street
A place where the old stuff retreat
Where they move to an up tempo beat
You know this thang don't stop
Sammie commin' from the bottom straight to tha top
fo' sho'

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