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Versuri Friend like you
- Sammie

As I walk into my bedroom I see pictures,
On my wall a collection of memories.
The county fair, a movie there,
A time we don't remember where
The won't let me forget the time we share.

You know I'm always thinking of you,
No matter what the time of day or place,
Cause you were my friend when there was no other
And all of my love for you can never be erase

No I never had a friend like you and I hope we stay together,
Cause somehow were gonna make it through and you'll be my friend forever,
No matter how far away you'll always have a special place,
No I never had a friend like you, no I never had a friend like you.

It feels good to know your only a call away,
I reminence about the times when we would play
At the bus stop at the park, shooting ball after dark

And we knew we shouldn't be out that late.

Everybody has that special someone,
And for me that someone was you
Through every strom that has proposed us,
you never left my side and always kept it true
I aint never had a friend like you.

(Chorus) x's2.

A friend like you to get me through my problems,
A friend like you I can turn to when life gets cold,
A friend like you who listens when there's nothing left to say,
Imaginging those things I used to say as we played,
A friend like you who I can cherish for life,
A friend like you the one who made me care
Eveytime I look into your eyes I pray to say
A friend like you to me, you'll always be right there..


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