This is your world - versuri Sam feat Dave |
This is your world - versuri Sam feat Dave |
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Versuri Sam feat Dave - This is your world

This is your world, I'm just livin' in it (x2)

I'm all wrapped up in you, baby
'Cause without you I couldn't live
Every moment, every moment we're away from each other
Happiness will fade & my sorrow will breathe


You're my sunshine & you are my rain
You can bring me joy or you can bring me pain
You control my very soul
What I like about your love, that it never grow old


A sad thing about it that I don't understand
How can a woman have so much power over a man?
If heaven can beat this, love, I'd wring her both hands
Oh you're in charge, mama, what a sweet command

(repeat chorus & fade)

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