May i baby - versuri Sam feat Dave |
May i baby - versuri Sam feat Dave |
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Versuri Sam feat Dave - May i baby

May I, baby, hmmmm walk you home?
May I, baby, because I don't want you to be all alone, no
Now listen here, with each step my heart beats 3 times
Because there's so much trouble in my little mind

May I, baby, come & tell you what it's all about?
May I, baby, I hope you're itchin' to find out
Listen, I'm just a little boy, live behind a grocery store
I've been watchin' you come & go now
May I, baby? Can I, honey, tell you how I feel?

I love the ground you walk on, yes I do
Oh I beg you & nobody else
You brighten up; look here, listen to what I'm saying
"Why, she's been through the same thing herself"

May I, baby, give my little heart to you?
May I, baby, you can do anything you want to do
Tell me baby, may I, baby? May I, baby?
... & fade

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