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Versuri Sam Broussard - The geek

Wish I was ordinary
and had that ordinary look
Wish I was not so contrary
I wish I did things by the book
Of useless knowledge I'm the master
I exude this confidence
of looking like I have the answer
to a question that makes no sense

Maybe I should have short hair
learn to dance and get online
Guys I know are all so clever
they salt their talk with cool punchlines

Wish that I had gone to college
had on my lips one cold hard fact
Instead I find I walk that fine edge
between the obscure and the abstract

My life is colored by
strange lights seen in the sky
and things of which I should not speak
Since these things I hold dear
you'll hear when I come near
uh-oh, here comes the geek

As a child I loved my comics
inward dreams and rocket ships
Now it's mystics, quantum physics
inward dreams and rocket ships

Still I'd like that piece of paper
my future's hanging in suspense
I have this hunger for the center
which I'm for and I'm against

I want that harmony
that rhyming sweet refrain
that everytime is sung the same
Upon that sunlit peak
so aerodyne and sleek
you will hear, "Hi, I'm The Geek. "

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