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Versuri Sam Broussard - That's us

A town grows up around us
and nobody says too much
At peace with poles and lights and wires
Wal- and K-marts and such
A highway runs right by us
we see people much like us
Trains and trucks move things and stuff
from place to place to place
and people in these towns
grow interlocking body parts
they crowd together at the crotch
before their thinking starts
they drift apart or stay
having babies either way
this blunt smart-*s design ensures
that people will survive

That's us
no direction on the can
when you serve a higher plan

Compassion flows from people
when it's seen we're much alike
it shapes a soul that's light in weight
and could look like a kite
but we notice differences
Christ how obvious
other ways to pray and hold
a tea or coffee cup
other ways to pray so what
or hold a coffee cup

Travel far and wide where things
and folks don't look the same
still they're all afraid of differentness
so really there's no change
Kosovo's a word
the eagle is a bird
but both are signs that point to
we are us and you are you

That's us
I don't know why we must feel different
when we all want the same thing

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